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GLITCH - Write-up - TryHackMe

Information Room# Name: GLITCH Profile: tryhackme.com Difficulty: Easy Description: Challenge showcasing a web app and simple privilege escalation. Can you find the glitch? Write-up Overview# Insta


VulnNet: Active - Write-up - TryHackMe

Information Room# Name: VulnNet: Active Profile: tryhackme.com Difficulty: Medium Description: VulnNet Entertainment just moved their entire infrastructure... Check this out... Write-up Overview# I


Traceback - Write-up - HackTheBox

Information Box# Name: Traceback Profile: www.hackthebox.eu Difficulty: Easy OS: Linux Points: 20 Write-up Overview# TL;DR: finding & abusing a PHP webshell to get system access, then EoP to an